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9:00am to 2:00pm (see below)

Sep 22, 2023

Membership & Dues

If you know a member whose dues have lapsed, or a friend you would like to have join. Talk to them, invite them down to the post and show them what's happening.

A Friendly Reminder

If you move or get a different phone number or email address "PLEASE" let the Post know the new information.  This makes our job easier and helps us keep you informed.

Office Hours

As the Adjutant's duties are quite varied, he tries to maintain regular hours in the office, but at times may be doing other outside tasks.  With all of the Local, State, and national  correspondence, plus membership, meetings, and other record keeping, this is a very time consuming job. So if you stop by and don't find Jay or myself in, please try again or call at 541-451-1351. Appointments are also an option that's available.

Jay Thornhill, Adjutant

Membership & Dues



S.A.L. Jr.

Auxiliary (NEW)

Auxiliary (ANNUAL)

Auxiliary Jr.

Legion Riders








Must be a member of the Legion Family and pay a yearly administration fee.

Key Cards


Carry an application in your wallet

Jay Thornhill, Adjutant

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