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          Post 51 Club Manager

Sep-Oct 22










January 2022 -

Nona Miller has been installed as our permanent Club Manager. To many of you she may look familiar, that's because she's been involved with our Post for over 17 years. She has served in many different positions, from President to Bartender, and as many of our veterans will tell you, the Post's Transportation Officer. That's because if they needed to get to an appointment, Nona was the person that would get them there. We are very lucky to have her fill this position of importance. Stop in and congratulate her on this new endeavor. 


We also would like to welcome Tessa and Joni to our bartending staff. They are learning the ropes fast and their energy and enthusiasm is refreshing.


You may have noticed a new series on Fox called "The Cleaning Lady". Well Sandra has decided to move on to new adventures and resign her position as Custodian Supervisor for our facilities. We now have a new "Cleaning Lady" who will be continuing in her position and hopefully keep things sparkly and shiny as we are used to. Say hello to Dannielle when you see her cleaning around evening time and let her know how you think she's doing in this new position. Welcome Dannie!

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