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            Santiam Post Examiner           

Beginning July 2023, the Post Examiner will be available on our website and our facebook page. You can print them from either location if you like. There are paper copies available at the post to the right of the fireplace as usual.   


If you would like a copy of the newsletter sent to your personal email  account, please let us know either by sending us an email requesting

a copy or put a request in the adjutant's box at the front of the club.   

You may notice the addition of a Volume and Issue number at the top of page one. The issue may have a decimal number on the end occasionally. This simply means the version you are viewing has been updated for one reason or another. We will try to keep the online bulletins as current and accurate as possible. Feel free to send us an email at



                                                   if you see anything that needs fixin.

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