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                         POST OPERATING RULES 2014


1.  Entrance into Santiam Post 51 is by Key Card or by ringing the buzzer for assistance.

     A.  All who are not members of the Post, Unit or SAL must be signed in by a member of the Post or Unit and must leave the building when the

          member who signed them in leaves.

     B.  A member of the Unit (Auxiliary) or the SAL may not sign in a person who is eligible to be an American Legion member even though that person

          may be his/her spouse. If he/she is eligible for membership, he/she must obtain membership. The same applies to the wife of a Legionnaire,

          if she is a veteran and eligible for Legion membership. Exception stated in section “D” below.

     C.  If a Post member and spouse are accompanied by guests and the Legion member is; due to physical reasons, unable to sign in the guest(s),

           the spouse may sign in the guest(s).

     D.  If the guest resides in the Lebanon area and is eligible for membership in The American Legion, he/she may come in one time. If he/she wishes to

           come again, he/she must obtain membership. (An exception would be in the case of a private function or one at which the public is invited.)

     E.  A member of the VFW or any other Veterans Organization meeting at Post 51 may come into the building for the purpose of his/her meeting but

          must be a member of The American Legion if he/she is eligible and wishes to come in at other times except as indicated in the above rule (B).

     F.  The Bar Tenders cannot sign in guests. They cannot let non-members into the Post for food or drinks.

     G.  The doors cannot be blocked open unless there is a person watching the door. A private function should have person from their own group check

           the door.

     H.  Nobody is allowed behind the bar without the invitation of the Bar Tender or Manager.

     I.    Visiting Guests from another American Legion Post need to sign in at the door. During the day, the book can be at the end of the bar and the Bar

           Tender will check their membership and have them sign in.

2.  The dress code and the rules of conduct shall be observed at all times.

     A.  All members may be asked to show their cards at the door.

     B.  All guests will be signed in at the door by either a Legion or Auxiliary member who has to be present at the time.

     C.  Members whose spouse does not belong to either the Legion or the Auxiliary must be signed in by the member.

     D.  A dress code will be enforced after 6 PM.This will also include any special function nights.

     E.  Dirty or torn clothing, Flip-Flops, white T-shirts, tank tops, jogging shorts, or hoodies are not allowed unless it fits in with a special function only.

          Work clothes and walking shorts are okay in the Post until 6:00 PM.

     F.  On Friday and Saturday nights as well as any other special function, proper attire that will fit in with the function is to be expected.

     G.  Evening gowns (strapless or spaghetti straps) can be worn for special functions.

3.  Anyone refusing to comply with the rules will have to leave the Club Premises.

4.  E-cigarettes are not allowed inside the building.

5.  The use of, the sale of, or the purchasing of Illegal drugs or medical marijuana are not allowed on the Post property at any time.

6.  Loud, abusive and profane language and disruptive conduct will be cause for ejection from the Post property.

7.  Minors:  When there is a dinner or special function involving children and youth, they are welcome to be in the dining area of the hall.  However, for the

     protection of them, their parents, and the club it has been a long standing rule that when the particular function is over (i.e.: dinner or special event to

     which they have been invited they are to leave.  Normally, 9 PM has been the accepted "curfew".

8.  American Legion caps shall be worn during the General Meeting by the Officers of Post #51.  Failure to do so may result in a fine.

9.  Employees/Volunteers

    A. Employees;

         1.  Employees cannot play the Lottery Machines.

           2.  Employees shall have a standard dress code.  It can change during special functions.

           3.  Employees cannot take food home at the end of their shift.

           4.  Employees, that are not members, cannot come into the Post on their days off unless they are a guest of a member or have business with

                the Club.

     B.  Volunteers cannot take leftovers home after a function. All leftovers can be used for future meals.

     C.  All money should be counted by two people after all functions. Both people will sign the paper verifying that the count is correct.



















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