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    VOL. 65 ISSUE 6                                                                                                                                   Nov/Dec 2013



             DISCHARGE PAPERS!


As stated by our Commander, we need a DD214 on ALL members.  It is also very important that every veteran has their DD214 or honorable discharge papers in case:

                1. Your grandchildren want to join the S.A.L. or the Auxiliary.
                2.  You ever need VA help or assistance.
                3.  To get into a VA Retirement Home.
                4.  To get a casket flag.
                5.  To get a bronze plaque for a headstone.
                6.  To be buried at a National Cemetery.

                7.  To stay a member of the largest military organization in the world.


                                                                         NOTES TO OUR MEMBERS



 If you recently turned in your “key card” due to the program change for the door and the old cards not working, your card is available at the bar. There are getting to be several and we need you to pick up you card. Come by and please do so.


         Please, if you know of a Legion, Auxiliary, or S.A.L. member that is ill or has been hospitalized or is just in need of a “cheer” card, contact the chaplain for the respective group so a card or visit can be made. 


Ray Johnson
Post Adjutant 


  CLUB "51"

 "Civil War Game" 

 November 29th. “Civil War Game” bring your favorite snack for YOUR table. Appetizers will be provided for sale. So come down and join the fun.

                                                                     To all a Wonderful Holiday Season!! 


         To start with, I would like to thank Molly and the Jammers on Thursday night for music. Outstanding job!

          Thank you!

        We will be increasing some prices on the menu by 25₵ - coffee will be 50₵ a cup with all meals.

        We now have appetizers available in the lounge daily starting at 5:00 p.m. Check out the table menu.

        November 2 we will have a “Mystery Dinner/Theater” sponsored by Willamette Manor as a fund raiser.

       Please come and join in on the fun.  There will be NO Post dinner that night. If you want dinner you will

      have to pay the $20 per person and join the fun of the theater show and  have a chance at the door prizes.

       The “Early Bird” Dinner will be November 7th so pay your dues now in order to participate.

       The menu will include Chicken, potato, and roll.

       On Thanksgiving Day we will have a turkey dinner. Bring a hot dish, dessert, or finger food and visit with

       other members for a day of thanksgiving for all we have.


      Nov. 29th Civil War Game bring your favorite snack for YOUR table. Appetizers will be provided for sale.

      So come down and join the fun.

       November 30th dinner will be pan-fried oysters. Come and enjoy. 

      We are now booking for Christmas parties in December and throughout the other months of the year.

(Check information put up at the Post.) Finally - a BIG THANK YOU to the American Legion Auxiliary for helping.

Doris Fuller
Club Mgr. & Her Great Crew                                                   11/1/13



                       SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION

                            SQUADRON  MEMBERSHIP




Members are the energy source that keeps this post running. We honor our veterans, help the community, and support the post. If you can think of a friend or co-worker who would like to honor their father or grandfather by joining the American Legion? Bring a guest-- it's a nice club. Great people, good food and a few laughs. Your membership is important to city, state and country. Bring your ideas to a meeting (first Thursday)


                                                  Merry Christmas


            It takes 80% less resorces to keep a member than it does to sign up a new member.


Gary Yahn

1st Vice Commander

Squadron #51


                                                              AUXILIARY   MEMBERSHIP



                                          Our dues have been coming in great, but 50% is a long way from 100%. Pay your 2014 

                                         dues November 7th and you qualify for a free meal as an “Early Bird.”

                                       Our Past Presidents will be presiding over initiation on November 12th. New members

                                       should be expecting a letter from me regarding initiation Any questions?

                                       Call Mary Lou at 541-258-5537.
                                                                                      Remember !
                                         If your 2014 dues are not paid by the end of December, your key card will not work.

                                                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Mary Lou Chewning 
Membership Secretary                                                                                           11/1/13

                                SQUADRON  ADJUTANT

As part of its inherent make-up, the Sons of the American Legion (S.A.L.) is a fraternal, service, and community-oriented organization. We are committed to serving our veterans and helping our community. In the past, this organization has contributed monetarily to many programs including the local school district, the Boys and Girls Club of Lebanon, the Lebanon Police Department, the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the local Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs, the Jr. ROTC program, and various assisted-living facilities.

 Our most recent endeavors included funding of the Lebanon School District's Homeless Program which purchases backpacks and fill them with school supplies and distributes them to children of families who cannot afford to buy school supplies. The Program also provides clothing for school children of indigent families.

During the November general meeting, members of S.A.L. voted to continue the tradition of purchasing plush teddy bears (or puppy dogs) from Kay Jewelers at a cost of $12.99 each (we have purchased as many as forty-eight (48) each). Of the $12.99 purchase price,$7.00 is given to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; and the plush animals are either given to the Lebanon Police Department for delivery to needy children in the community or they are handed-out, by S.A.L. members, to residents of the local hospice units and assisted-living facilities for comfort and companionship. Additionally, these stuffed animals are given to a local Cub Scout pack for inclusion with their food boxes which the Cub Scouts deliver to needy families just prior to Thanksgiving.

Much of S.A.L.'s financial assets are derived from membership dues; however, members are actively involved in conducting fund raisers such as raffles, dinners, and special events resulting in S.A.L.'s ability to help the community in the manner which we've done in the past.

Ray Novencido,

Squadron Adjutant


                                                                      COOKIE BAKE



  In September we baked 99 dozen cookies with 93 dozen going to our Troops in the front lines. We have been getting amazing feedback from them and will continue our efforts for as long as we can with the help of Troop Support.
          Some people have been asking me if we can send our cookies to their family members in the service. Starting in November, we would like to open this up to include them. However, for several reason, we will have to ask you to call me to order your cookies. You will have to pick them up on the morning of the cookie bake and mail them to your service person. Questions??? Call me!

           For donating, I wish to thank the Atomic Vets, Bev Dennis, J. Alton, Tom & Jean Thompson, and a very nice lady I met at the Post this last summer with lots of goodies. Unfortunately I did not take down your name. Please call me and let me know who you are.

           Remember - no cookie bake in December. We do meet other months on the third Monday at 7:00 a.m. and are usually done by 9:00 a.m. Come join us. Questions about helping or donating - just give me a call.

Thanks to all.





     Linda Helget,
    Chairperson   541-258-5960                                                                                                                                                      

Everybody needs to believe in something


and I believe I'll

have anothter cookie.

Look like these ladies need some help.

       Cookie monster HELP.

               ME MAKE

Apple,Walnut,Raisin COOKIES


Click on the COOKIE

                                  New Members


                Welcome to the following new (or new to our Post) members.

         Come in, show your membership card, and receive a beverage on us.   11-13



John G. Leckie, Jr.                    

Clark C. Stolpe                        

Jimmy R. Bledsoe

Wade T. Parrish

Kyle S. Duttlinger

Matt A. Cunningham

Gregory L. Theis

John C. Mitchell

Nicholas R. Volcan

Silas J. Gibson

Chris R. Fletcher

David A. Tracy

James J. Shillitto

Terry P. Deacon

Berry H. Eveleigh


Clancy A. Pratt






Deborah White (Jr.)                    

Marjorie Cunningham             

Anna-Marie White (Jr)

Melody Diggs

Teri Bush

Debra Cowart

Crystal Krause

Shawn Johnson

Alice Byron (Transfer)




                                             SONS OF THE LEGION


Robert A. Dixon                         

Alex H. Andrews                     

Jim M. Brazeale


Andrew A. Johnson



                           POPPY POSTER CONTEST BEGINS


             Local schools and the home schooled are now eligible to participate in the annual American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Poster Contest. Children in grades 2 through 12 are eligible. Prizes will be awarded the winners.

There are certain rules that apply. To learn more, please contact.


Poppy Chairman  541 401-3680

Betty Green

Second Vice President




                             FROM THE JUDGE ADVOCATE


           There are two important dates to enter into your calendar. Post meetings on November 19, 2013 and January 21, 2014. At this time we will be voting on changes to our Constitution and By-Laws.

             Past Commander John Green chaired the committee to separate them into two documents as requested by the Department Judge Advocate.  Any changes MUST be read at two regular Post meetings and requires a two/thirds (2/3) votes to accept the changes. These are the rules and regulations that govern Post operations. I believe it is important that ALL Legionnaires learn as much as possible about these important documents. Please attend the November 2013 and January 2014 meetings, listen, and vote.

           Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Tommy Thompson
Post Judge Advocate


                    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

  National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is annually on December 7, commemorates the attack on Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, during World War II. Many American service men and women lost their lives or were injured on December 7, 1941. National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is also referred to as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day or Pearl Harbor Day.

                                     CHAPLAIN'S CORNER



           By now I have visited and prayed for quite a number of veterans and have made it a point to stop whenever I see a veteran tee-shirt or cap being proudly worn. They are my brothers and sisters in this military family. I want to let them never feel alone, carrying the memories of battles by themselves. Nobody can relate to a veteran like a veteran can. I am convinced every time I visit that he or she needs me just as I am encouraged by them.  /1/13


 Reach out, invite, befriend, call and talk for we are

the brotherhood of American Veterans. I am in prayer for

you and your families. God Bless America! 

Steve Dahrens

Post Chaplain



             Sadly, we lost the following comrades recently.  They will be missed.


      WW 2


Posh, Michael J.

Ogbin, Leroy C.

Asher, Jack

Francisco, Jack L.

Hostetter, Robert D.

Adams, Les





Gregory, Carroll





Wilkins, Jimmie D.



Voss, Ralph G.

Howe, Michael R.











Lynch, Phillip G.

These names will be added to the list of  EVERLASTING

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